Empower your understanding about the gender dynamics in the digital world with the menABLE Toolbox!

Dive into a world of gender-based violence (GBV) education designed for 13-18-year-olds, fostering reflection and actionable insights. Explore diverse gender expectations, prejudices, and online challenges, enhancing students’ understanding of contemporary issues.

The menABLE Toolbox: What’s Inside?

Dilemmas and quizzes: access the plug-and-play online game below. Available in 5 languages: Danish, Dutch English, Greek, French.

Challenges: educational materials to be carried out using physical means. Available in English, more languages coming soon.

Challenge 1 – Who said what

Challenge 2 –¬†Gender-based violence online bingo

Challenge 3 – The art of the hate-free insult

Challenge 4 – Options for action and consequences

Challenge 5 – Moderator team

Challenge 6 – What is online gender-based violence?

Challenge 7 – Make your own meme (against GBVO)

Teacher’s guide: tools and resources for educators needed to effectively use the toolbox in classroom settings. Coming soon