Empower Manpower against online gender-based violence

menABLE is a 24-month project co-funded by the European Commission.
Its primary objective is to combat online gender-based violence by fostering mutual awareness, tolerance, and respect.
As part of the menABLE project, European Schoolnet is collaborating with Child Focus (Belgium), CDYC (Denmark), and FORTH (Greece) to address online gender-based violence.

Recognising that the active involvement of men and boys is crucial to achieving the project’s goals, the project aims to prevent online gender-based violence by tackling its roots causes and by promoting means of prevention strategies primarily, but not exclusively, targeting boys and young men. Educational tools and awareness activities conducted as part of the project will aim at primary prevention, changing social norms and behaviour, in order to end tolerance of all forms of gender-based violence. The project’s aim is to reach early teens (13-15 years) and late teens (16-18 years) through formal and non-formal educational settings by targeting educational professionals and adults including heads of schools, teachers/educators, caregivers, and other professionals working with young people in youth and sports clubs, camps, libraries, and Safer Internet Centres amongst others.

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The menABLE educational toolbox on empowering gender dialogue onlineis now launched!

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